Posted onʹs STYLE Line Sticker | Whatʹs softer than soft? Thatʹs right, sheep. Treat yourself to a little relaxation with these new stickers featuring the queen of comfort herself, AMOʹS Mary! AMOʹs Mary is back to help send you off to dreamland AND commemorate the release of their new official app! These stickers are so adorable youʹll find yourself counting sheep just because! Friend the Triumph (AMOʹS STYLE by Triumph) official account to get AMOʹS STYLE by Triumph sticker set for free. Available till May 28, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
AMO’S Bear (AMO’S STYLE character) line://shop/detail/1562
AMOʹS Mary: Sweet Dreams line://shop/detail/2944
AMOʹS Mary: Sweet Dreams line://shop/detail/3914

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