Attack on Titan + Animated (Moving) + Junior High

Posted on on Titan + Animated (Moving) + Junior High & Chibi version Line Sticker | Finally, we bring you Attack on Titan stickers from the hit manga series! Buy any 1 of the “Attack on Titan” comic books on LINE Manga & get the stickers free! Add life to your chats with the unique expressions of the Titans and other characters!

Animated stickers from the popular anime Attack on Titan are finally here! Hounori draws your favorite characters in adorably miniature style with movements thatʹll crack you up! Eren, Levi, and other members of the Survey Corps are speaking the Kansai dialect! Read the free Attack on Titan Kansai Ver. on LINE Manga to get the set.
The colossal hit series is back with a new set of animated stickers designed by the studio animators themselves! Brace your chats for total domination.

Wait! Imagine if Brown became Titan. See collaboration Attack on Titan x 7-ELEVEN

Bust out laughing with talking stickers from this official Attack on Titan spin-off comedy! Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi deliver their famous lines to enliven your chats big time! The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

Nitroplus illustrator Yupon’s unique chimi-chara art style twist on Attack on Titan returns for another sticker set! Check out the adorable versions of your favorite characters. There’s even a few of them in the classroom to help chat about school.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Attack on Titan | Paid | line://shop/detail/946
LINE MANGA: Attack on Titan | Free | line://shop/detail/824
Attack on Titan Chimi-Chara Ver. | Paid | line://shop/detail/2137
Attack on Titan Animated Stickers line://shop/detail/3713
Attack on Titan Kansai ver. (LINE Manga) line://shop/detail/4063
Moving! Attack on Titan line://shop/detail/4877
Attack on Titan: Junior High line://shop/detail/5593
Attack on Titan Chimi-Chara Ver. Part 2 line://shop/detail/8413

Publisher : Kodansha Ltd.

Copyright : © Hajime Isayama/ Kodansha Ltd. | © HK/AOT

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