Kae Noi Line Sticker | Add Taokaenoi Official Account and get the sticker for free! Chat and share your cool stickers. Let’s get funny now!!! Avaliable till 05/01/2013 (more…) no Chikara × Nobuko Special Line Sticker | These stickers feature the well known anti-hangover beverage “Ukon no Chikara” together with LINE’s original character, Nobuko. Available until 31/Dec/2012 (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • gif杯麵 (12) Fubon doll Line Sticker | Fubon presents you the stickers which stand for wealth and good luck. Download the collection for free by 2013/2/28 to convey all your feelings to your friends!
The Special Anniversary Edition of the Taipei Fubon Doll sticker set is now available! Friend Fubon’s official account to get them. Available till 04/12/2013?
(more…) Pan Line Sticker | Will Pan – The Story of Billy. Available till:26/02/2013 (more…)