2 Beauties Line Sticker | Friend the Ora2 Beauties official account to get the first set of stickers from Ora 2 Beauties, newly created by illustrator Jason Brooks! Hikaru, Yoko, and Anna from the TV commercials now star in their own animated sticker set! Friend Sunstarʹs official account to get them. Available till December 15, 2014.

(more…) Moonʹs Battle as an Office Worker Line Sticker |Moon is a section chief who lives at work, and now heʹs got his own animated sticker set! Check out Moon in all sorts of typical work situations and use to talk (complain) about work!

(more…) + Animated Line Sticker Pepsi teams up with Shun Oguri to fight off monstrous thirsts in variant PEPSI NEX ZERO! Friend Suntory’s official account to get these stickers. Introducing Pepsi Gang Zaa, your new pals with Zaa attitude. Come Zaa with us! Friend Pepsi Thailandʹs official account to get these stickers.

Pepsi’s action-packed Momotaro commercial series featuring the dashing Shun Oguri is back with another round of stickers! This time these stickers have really come to life! Available till December 22, 2014. Wait! How if PEPSI collaboration with LINE Character?

(more…)ʹFAHSAI & MR. SERVICE Line Sticker | Be Smart and Smile with Muang Thai Insurance gang. Come and join us. Friend Muang Thai Insuranceʹs Official Account to get them. Available till December 31, 2014

(more…) Love Reindeer Line Sticker | FarEasToneʹs Love Reindeer sticker set is here! Friend FarEasToneʹs official account to get these stickers for free! Available till February 9, 2015.

(more…)ʹmon! Kara Mucho Stickers! Line Sticker | To celebrate 30 years of sales, Kara Mucho is bringing you animated stickers featuring actors from their popular commercial. Friend Kara Muchoʹs official account to get them! Available till January 5, 2015.

(more…) Feels Weary Line Sticker | Fitzgerald canʹt stand crumpets, raisins and trains. Available till March 8, 2015.

(more…) Home the Bacon! Line Sticker | Yummy yummy! Your tasty bacon is here! Available till March 8, 2015.