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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker + Animated Line Sticker | Awww… Look at him with those adorable eyes and massive ears! Yes! Cheburashka is now on LINE. We dare you not to fall in love with these gorgeous stickers!
The adorable animated Russian character Cheburashka now has his own set of stickers! Make your conversations happier than ever with Cheburashkaʹs lovely antics.
Everyone who buys small or large sized lightly salted, seaweed, or broth flavored Chipstar potato chips will get limited-edition Cheburashka LINE stickers! Just put in the serial number under the lid to get them. Available till August 17, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
Cheburashka line://shop/detail/550
Cheburashka: Animated Stickers line://shop/detail/3260
Chipstar Cheburashka Limited Stickers (FREE) line://shop/detail/3929

Free/Paid : Paid

Publisher : TV TOKYO Broadband, Inc. | Communications Corporation | yamazaki-nabisco

Copyright : © 2010 CMP/CP

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