Cheez…z : Warbie & Yama 1 2 3 + Animated

Posted on…z : Warbie & Yama 1 2 3 Line Sticker | From the award-winning short film, “Cheez…z”. Warbie, the little greedy bird, is now ready to be sent to your friends! Let’s see how much they can handle him!

Warbie is back! From the award-winning short film, “Cheez…z”. The sassy little Phebie has also joined this set. Let’s send these greedy birds to your friends!

Warbie comes to life in this set of animated​​ stickers! From the award-winning short film,​​​ “Cheez…​z.” Show your friends exactly what this greedy​ little bird can do!​

Name LINE Sticker:
Cheez…z : Warbie & Yama line://shop/detail/1068307
Cheez…z : Warbie & Yama 2 line://shop/detail/1190533
Cheez…z : Warbie & Yama 3 line://shop/detail/5594

Free/Paid : paid 50 coins & 100 coins

Publisher : Arut Tantasirin

Copyright : Arut Tantasirin

This sticker also know as:

  • Yellow bird (1)