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Posted on Baby + Animated Line Sticker | LINE brings you Chocola Baby stickers! Enter the ID (serial) number to get them free? Available till 10/06/13. Also get a chance to win LINE character goods! In 2nd set of Chocola Baby stickers! Enter the ID (serial) number on the labels attached to Chocola BB drinks to get them for free? A 3nd set of Chocola Baby stickers! Enter the ID (serial) number available on limited Chocola BB items to get them free?

Chocola Baby and Chocola-kun are here with stickers to help keep you glowing and peppy! Enjoy the Chocola Baby’s cherubic antics in his first time in the spotlight! Get these stickers by just watching our video! Please note that sound will play when you play back the video.
Chocola Baby is here to send a little love to all the independent women out there! These stickers are so cute, you can’t help but smile. Send one to a friend who needs a quick pick—me—up today!

Baby’s back with some stickers that will sooth you whenever you need them! Let Baby laugh, cry, get cross, and so much more on your behalf! Use the multipurpose stickers with your friends and loved ones! Friend Chocola BB’s official account to get the set. Available till May 1, 2016

Name (LINE Sticker):
Chocola baby Vol. 1 his feelings line://shop/detail/882
Chocola Baby Vol. 2 line://shop/detail/939
Chocola Baby Vol. 3 line://shop/detail/998
Chocola baby Basic Edition line://shop/detail/1156
Animated Chocola BB Stickers
Chocola Baby: Best Friends Forever line://shop/detail/5177
Chocola Baby: Always There for You line://shop/detail/5873

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