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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker | Get the Kareshi-docomodake & Musume-docomodake stickers for free. You can use these in every situation! LINE and docomo are working together to make communication even better! Get these unique Docomodake stickers by adding docomo as a friend? Docomodake & Gotouchi Characters. The 4th installment from Docomodake is now here! This set features the popular DJ Dake from the d-hits commercials.
The popular Docomodake celebrates his 10th anniversary with animated stickers! The Docomodake crew is here with adorable movements to set your chats alight! Docomodake is traveling abroad! Apply “Global 1day Pake” to connect to the internet and use these stickers when you go abroad. Friend DOCOMO’s official account to get the set for FREE! Available till September 30, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
Kareshi-docomodake & Musume-docomodake line://shop/detail/723
Docomodake Family Stickers line://shop/detail/862
Phase 3 of the Docomodake stickers line://shop/detail/1081
Docomodake & Gotouchi Characters line://shop/detail/1561
DJ Dake line://shop/detail/2950
Moving Docomodake line://shop/detail/3719
Docomodake: Trip Abroad line://shop/detail/4230

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