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https://www.line-stickers.com/eyecity + animated Line Sticker | Exclusive stickers by JINCO, the designer of the Tamagotchi characters and U-tan! Moyasimon is Tales of Agriculture, known in Japan as Moyashimon (もやしもん?). Character of this anime is micro organism: Bacteria and Fungus. Here comes the ultimate collaboration sticker set featuring Eyecity and Moyasimon! Contact lens shop Eyecity has teamed up with Lucky Star to bring you these stickers. Add friend Eyecity’s official account to get them. Available till 23/12/2013. You also get collaboration eyecity with The Glass Mask and Secret Society Eagle Talon
Get in a sporting frame of mind with Mr. Athlete. Nyororinpa is slipperier than snakes and can wiggle through anything, even your chats! Is it a mole? Is it a bear? No, it’s Mogurumin, in a brand new sticker set!

Name LINE Sticker:
Friends of Eyecity line://shop/detail/1051
Eyecity × Moyasimon line://shop/detail/1354
Eyecity × Lucky Star line://shop/detail/810
Eyecity × The Glass Mask line://shop/detail/679
Eyecity × Secret Society Eagle Talon line://shop/detail/1220
Mogurumin line://shop/detail/2640
Mr. Athlete line://shop/detail/1689
Moving Kometsubuko! line://shop/detail/3585
eyecity × Ace of Diamond

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