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Posted on Tours + Animated + Talking Line Sticker |Fat Bro squirrel makes debut on LINE! Do you also like a life of travel? Fat bro “John” is movinʹ and shakinʹ it! Heʹs making his comeback with his lovely girlfriend “Lily” in her first debut. Friend Galilee Toursʹ official account to get the Galilee Tours sticker.
Talkative fat bro John moves it on up! Friend Galilee Tours’ official account to get them. Available till January 6, 2016

Name (LINE Sticker):
Galilee Tours: Read, Don’t Ignore line://shop/detail/2301
Galilee Tours: Not My Fault (Animated) line://shop/detail/3319
Galilee Tours: What! A talking squirrel! line://shop/detail/5622

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