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http://www.line-stickers.com/Godji Family + Adventure + Animated Line Sticker | The Godji’s have arrived! Be part of our family and we’ll guarantee laughter & smiles! Be part of our family and weʹll guarantee laughter smiles. Spread the joy of football fever with Godji. Enjoy the worldʹs greatest sport! And if you want different, Godji Family comes with animated sticker.

Godji the adventure sticker. I’m back with my voice! Let’s go on adventure together to save energy! These stickers will surely make  your family and friends smile. And be sure to check out 3D anumated Tv series, Godji the adventure! friend PTT Group’s official account to get the set.

GODJI is here, and ready to share what you feel any place, any time. We guarantee these stickers will make you smile. Friend PTT Group’s official Account to get them for free!
GODJI has arrived! Be a member of our family and share your feelings in style any time, any place. Follow us, we guarantee laughter and smiles! Come enjoy our fun activities.

This sets all about Godji! Join our growing Family to speak your mind in style any time, any place. We guarantee laughter and smiles! With Godji there’s plenty of Fun to be had for everyone. Friend PTT Group’s official account to get these stickers For free!

GODJI for You

These Godji Energy Hero stickers come with plenty of laughter and smiles. Watch them pop up in full screen in your chats today! Friend PTT Group’s official account to get them. Available till May 3, 2017.

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Godji Family  line://shop/detail/773 | line://shop/detail/1420 | line://shop/detail/2239
Godji Family (Animated) line://shop/detail/3304
Godji Football Fever line://shop/detail/2483
Godji the adventure line://shop/detail/4391
PTT GODJI line://shop/detail/5056 | line://shop/detail/5707
Godji in Love line://shop/detail/6517
GODJI for You line://shop/detail/7055
Godji Energy Hero Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/8322

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