Misawa of Hell

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Misawa of Hell Line Sticker | “Misawa of Hell” makes an appearance on LINE stickers. The 2nd edition of Misawa! ‘Mikudashi’ which means “look down upon” is exactly what he does! Annoy your friends with these pure arrogance, no nonsense stickers!
The annoying character is back in our latest edition of Misawa! He thinks he has all the right moves to charm the ladies ? well now you can see for yourself!

Name (LINE Sticker) :
Misawa of Hell (Shazaihen Series) line://shop/detail/439
Misawa of Hell (Mikudashi Series) line://shop/detail/542
Misawa of Hell (love is dynamite) line://shop/detail/668

Status : Paid

Coins : 100 coin


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