Posted on SUIT GUNDAM + Animated Line Sticker | It has begun! Gundam stickers have been released – a specially selected set featuring Amuro, Char and of course the mobile suits! Here comes Kimalle Bidan and the rest of the cast from one of the most popular Gundam series ever! Turn any chat into a space battle with these epic stickers. Gundam will be reborn in the fires of war! Kira, Athrun, and other brave warriors make their appearance in this sticker set! The Red Comet just stormed onto LINE! Char looms above the Gundam series as a timeless classic loved and feared by all. Make these superior stickers yours!
These animated Gundam stickers will make your chats unforgettable! Stickers from the One Year War and Newtypes are here! Check them out and use them in your chats!

Name LINE Sticker:
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM line://shop/detail/901
Mobile Suit Z Gundam line://shop/detail/1243
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED line://shop/detail/1754
Char Aznable’s Custom Stickers line://shop/detail/2213
Gundam-san Animated Stickers line://shop/detail/3749

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