Sticker List: GIF & PNG Pack — LINE WhatsApp of Passion Line Sticker
This athletic, quick to get mad high school boy is especially recommended for those who have an energetic and emotional personality. (more…) Doong Line Sticker | Doong Doong is a hysterical, emotional and somewhat amusing lady. Perfect for expressing your feelings! (more…) Japan Project Line Sticker |  This animated sticker set features celebs who are taking part in Daihatsu’s project to help others rediscover all the amazing places Japan has to offer. Sign up on the project’s special site to get these moving stickers! Available till April 11, 2016.

(more…) Sweet Day Line Sticker | If you like girly stickers, youʹll love these for sure. These 2 girls are cute and irresistible in every way! (more…) of Clans Line Sticker | Clash of Clans sticker is modified from in-game characters. Whether a player or not, you’ll love them. Let’s share them with friends. Available till November 26, 2015.

(more…) Folks Zoo + Have Fun Party! Line Sticker |Say hello to the Puzzle Folks! After downloading the stickers, remember to share them with your friends! Friend the Puzzle Folks official account to get them.
Say hello to the Puzzle Folks! Remember to share these stickers with your friends after you download them! Friend Puzzle Folks’ official account to get these stickers for free. Available till November 26, 2015. (more…) Characters at UNIQLO Line Sticker | The LINE characters Brown, Cony, Moon and the rest of the gang have their faces on adorable at UNIQLO!
LINE characters are wearing UNIQLO T-shirts all together! Friend UNIQLO’s official account to get the sticker for FREE! Available till November 27, 2015. (more…)