Sticker List: GIF & PNG Pack — LINE WhatsApp Black Line Sticker | It’s me, TubTim!

(more…)“Monitoring” MC Kibe Line Sticker | TBS candid-camera style TV show “Monitoring” is starting two hour specials this October! These brand-new stickers featuring Kibe expressing every emotion in the book are available for free! There are also future plans to incorporate these stickers as part of the show! Available till November 4, 2015.

(more…) × Director Wu Nien-jen Line Sticker | CHINA MOTORS ZINGER X Director Wu Nien-jen! Watch the commercial to get this animated stickers for FREE! Available till November 5, 2015. Please note that sound will play when you watch the video.

(more…) FOR GOOD MORNINGS Line Sticker | Meet the FAMILY FOR GOOD MORNINGS – the warm & caring family members designed by groovisions. Friend SC Asset’s official Account to get them . Available till November 4, 2015.

(more…) Robot Funny Faces Line Sticker | Make your messages more fun than ever with cute, expressive stickers starring the Cellcard Robot. Friend Cellcard’s official account to get them! Available till April 2, 2016.

(more…) & Match Mouse + Animated Line Sticker | The lazy cat Po-chan has been reborn as a set of animated stickers! This sticker set has this catʹs daily routine nailed. The lazy cat Po-chan and his pal Match Mouse have been reborn as animated stickers! This sticker set really sheds a lot of light on the everyday secret lives of cats. (more…) Girls’ Nozaki-kun Line Sticker | Get ready to swoon, because here comes a set of stickers from the hit anime everybody’s talking about, “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun!” These stickers are so easy to use you may have just accidently sent one right now! Download the set and join in this harem of hilarity.

(more…) 2499 Line Sticker | A man who is extremely enchanted by the 2499 life style. His word, his outfit, along with his unique personality can always make everyone laugh

Name LINE Sticker: Kidwadee 2499

Free/Paid : paid

Link : line://shop/detail/4585

Publisher : Decha Wattanasupong 

Copyright : Copyright © Decha Wattanasupong

Kidwadee 2499
Kidwadee 2499