Sticker List: GIF & PNG Pack — LINE WhatsApp Studio Line Sticker | Is your romance salty or sweet? Send this sticker to your Sonagi or Togeun! Enjoy creator Omyo’s cute small handwriting too! Available till June 30, 2016.

(more…) Wars Line Sticker | Feel the Force as you join the dark side with this all-new sticker pack from Star Wars! Finally here, they are! In the latest Star Wars sticker collection, wield Master Yoda to express any mood, from serious to funny. The brand-new collection features stickers of Yoda’s famous lines as well, a necessity for any Star Wars fan!
(more…) RIBAR Line Sticker | The popular cast of SoftBank‘s new TV commercial series now has a set of stickers on LINE! Friend SoftBank’s official account to get them. Available till January 18, 2016.

(more…) Startup Generation Line Sticker | Be a better you with Amway! Better yourself in 2016! You can help people live better lives! Available till January 21, 2016.

(more…) Coin Hunter – Ginger Line Sticker | Meet Ginger! Follow him on his journey to rescue the other Nyans who were kidnapped by Bandits in the mobile game Puzzle Coin Hunter! Available till January 5, 2016.

(more…) Cashes In: Akagi-san & Shiromaru Line Sticker | Kanahei has done it again! The hottest illustrator on the block is back with an exclusive set of stickers only available to friends of UFJ Bank’s! These designs are so cute you’ll want to give yourself a hug. Friend Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank’s official account to get this set for FREE! Available till August 3, 2015. (more…) Animated Talking Stickers Line Sticker |
The 13 voice actors for the characters in “Fortisia SEGA + LINE” have lent their formidable talents to these amazing animated talking stickers! Clear the game’s tutorial to get them! Available till January 20, 2016. The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.