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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker Pepsi teams up with Shun Oguri to fight off monstrous thirsts in variant PEPSI NEX ZERO! Friend Suntory’s official account to get these stickers. Introducing Pepsi Gang Zaa, your new pals with Zaa attitude. Come Zaa with us! Friend Pepsi Thailandʹs official account to get these stickers.

Pepsi’s action-packed Momotaro commercial series featuring the dashing Shun Oguri is back with another round of stickers! This time these stickers have really come to life! Available till December 22, 2014. Wait! How if PEPSI collaboration with LINE Character?

Name LINE Sticker:
PEPSI NEX ZERO line://shop/detail/2098
PEPSI NEX ZERO: Heroes That Move You! line://shop/detail/3440

Free/Paid : free

Publisher : SUNTORY | PEPSI

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