Shirato Family (SoftBank) + Animated

Posted on Family (SoftBank) + Animated × Giga-chan Line Sticker | Stickers from the humorous Baribari-Banban TV ads featuring the Shirato family! These stickers feature all your favorite members from SoftBanks’s famous family. The Shirato family’s new commercials make a animated sticker appearance! Check out all the new characters in sticker form! Friend Softbanks official account to get them.

Softbank’s hot as curry with its improved reception! Get these stickers with the serial numbers on the cards available at Softbank stores? Check out this sticker set celebrating the Fukuoka Softbank Hawkʹs victory in the Japan Series! Cheer up your chats with these cute Otosan stickers! The Man has made his way from the Softbank TV ads to LINE.

Do you get each phrase? Wow, you must be a star! Check out Softbankʹs famous White family talking in Gyaru culture slang! SoftBankʹs celebrating their new “Smart” discount service plan with this trendy set of stickers! Popular artist Kanahei has teamed up with SoftBank to bring you these classy illustrations starring the head of the Shirato family household.

SoftBank and Disney have teamed up to offer smartphone users the chance to customize their phone into a “Disney STYLE” work of animated art! The Shirato Family is already on board. What are you waiting for? Check out the other Disney characters on sale in the Sticker Shop too!
The SoftBank Shirato Family and popular illustrator “chackmo” have teamed up in this set that celebrates the launch of SoftBank’s “Smart Login” service! Friend SoftBank’s official account to get this set.

SoftBank has teamed up with popular illustrator “mame&co” to deliver its adorable mascot Giga-chan to LINE as a set of brand new stickers! Friend SoftBank’s official account to get this set for free. Available till April 25, 2016.

Name (LINE Sticker) :
SoftBank Shirato Family line://shop/detail/3688
White Familyʹs Best Selection (Animated) line://shop/detail/3141
The Hawks are Number 1! Otosan Stickers line://shop/detail/3317
Shirato Family line://shop/detail/2685
SoftBank Shirato Family line://shop/detail/2148
Family Stickers line://shop/detail/1598
The Man line://shop/detail/1394
tsuna karl line://shop/detail/1366
Shirato Family Baribari-Banban Series line://shop/detail/1120
baribari tsunagare line://shop/detail/944
Siratoke Otousan line://shop/detail/790 | line://shop/detail/892 | line://shop/detail/713 | line://shop/detail/745
SoftBank Shirato Family line://shop/detail/4027
SoftBank “Disney STYLE” Shirato Family line://shop/detail/4603
SoftBank Shirato Family × chackmo line://shop/detail/5273
SoftBank Shirato Family × Giga-chan line://shop/detail/6183

Paid/Free : Free

Status : Temporary

Publisher : SoftBank

Copyright : Copyright © SoftBank | Disney | mame&co

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