Shunnosuke + Animated + Pop-Up

Posted on + Animated Line Sticker | SEIYU heartthrob Shunnosuke’s latest set of stickers! Discover a whole new side of this quiet, strong man’s man! You’ll be surely bewitched by the offbeat cool of Shunnosuke’s world! Friend SEIYU’s official account to get this set! The heartthrob of SEIYU who’s quietly captured the hearts of many, Shunnosuke is now available in the form of animated LINE stickers! Friend SEIYU’s official account to get the set.
The long-awaited 3rd edition of Shunnosuke’s LINE stickers is finally here! Captivate your friends with his super-boosted handsome charm. Some say his pal, the kitten, is simply to die for! Friend SEIYU’s official account to get this set for free

Shunnosuke’s 4th LINE sticker series is fresher than ever! It’s so hot, it’ll set your winter on fire! No need for a fireplace with this guy by your side! Friend SEIYU’s official account to get this set!

Shunnosuke and Nyannosuke, the popular faces of Seiyu, are back as pop-up stickers and full of lovable cuteness! You won’t be able to take your eyes off all of their moves! Friend Seiyu’s official account to get them for free! Available till November 14, 2016.

Name LINE Sticker:
Shunnosuke line://shop/detail/4812
Animated Shunnosuke line://shop/detail/4444
More Moves from Shunnosuke! line://shop/detail/5379
Shunnosuke Blasts Away the Winter Cold line://shop/detail/5527
Pop! Goes Shunnosuke and Nyannosuke line://shop/detail/7083

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