Uta No Prince Sama 2 & 4 + Maji Love Revolutions

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Uta No Prince Sama 2 + Maji Love Revolutions Line Sticker | Featuring the extremely colorful expressions of ST☆RISH and Haruka from the Uta No Prince Sama cartoon series. Let the music play! The Maji Love 2000% saga of the Utano Prince-sama story has powered up for a second round of smashin’ stickers. Get ready to swoon, because here comes senpai!

Maji Love Revolutions is back again on LINE! Power up your chats with this animated sticker set! Your very own revolution of love starts here

The fourth set of LINE stickers from the anime Uta no Prince-sama:Maji Love Revolutions is here! Start a love revolution of your own in your chats!

Name (LINE Sticker):
Uta No Prince Sama 2 line://shop/detail/1332
Utano☆Prince sama 2 Ver.2 line://shop/detail/3597
Uta no Prince-sama:Maji Love Revolutions line://shop/detail/5849
Uta No Prince Sama 4 line://shop/detail/6923

Paid/Free : Paid

Status : 100 coins

Publisher : UTA☆PRI-2 PROJECT

Copyright : © UTA☆PRI-2 PROJECT

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  • utapri wa sticker (1)