The Gakitsuka members are donning lab coats in their 5th set, but these aren’t your usual bunch of scientists! They’ve even brought a few special guests along. This set has the formula for good times, but remember, laugh and you’re OUT! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

This sticker also know as:

  • olaf whatsapp sticker (8)
  • 엄마표겨울왕국2스티커 (2)
  • 奇奇蒂蒂 PNG (1)

Gakitsuka is now back in awesome animated stickers! Check out these hilarious stickers and pump up your chats with friends! And remember, those who laugh are OUT!

Japan’s most popular comedy show, known among fans as GakiTsuka, is now a set of hilarious LINE stickers! If you enjoy a good laugh, you’ll love them.