Mali’s back with new stickers featuring very cute phrases and expressions. This special animated set will make your chats funnier and lovelier than ever before. Download and enjoy—today!

Here comes the fourth Chinese version of Let’s Go Sadayuki! Sadayuki is cute, careless, and definitely naughty! Watch in disbelief as this little boy acts out in these daily-life conversation stickers!

This sticker also know as:

  • Sadayuki (152)
  • Lets go Sadayuki (7)
  • let s go sadayuki STICKER (2)
  • sadayuki sticker whatsapp (2)
  • 12901 (1)
  • let go sadayuki whatsapp sticker (1)
  • sadayuk (1)
  • sadayuki sticker (1)
  • sadayuki sticker whatsapp ios (1)

This summer, Luna is back to share all the happiness with you. Have fun and relax with her starting today—let’s go!