And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the "Rolling eyes! Undine!" and Mr. Musashi lady dog stickers for free!

The comedian kukky changed people’s chats forever with his previous stickers, and this new set promises to be no different. These surreal stickers are sure to put the "smart" in your smartphone. Use them to take your chat game to a whole new level.

Yuhuu…! Wiro Sableng stickers are now available on LINE. For those who are ready for it, download the set today!

Monokuma, Monomi, and the students of Hope’s Peak Academy come to LINE! Use these stickers to tear through your opponent’s contradictions. Or else!

This sticker also know as:

  • danganronpa line sticker (33)
  • danganronpa sticker line (19)
  • danganronpa line theme (18)
  • theme line danganronpa (13)
  • sticker line danganronpa (11)
  • whatsapp stickers danganronpa (1)

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