How to Get LINE Sticker with GIF Animation & PNG Transparent on PC

Do you have a favorite sticker on LINE? In fact, LINE stickers are nice, funny and interesting. You might also want to have the image files in high resolution quality. Moreover, you may want to know about how to use LINE sticker on WhatsApp.

How to get high-resolution image files on LINE sticker?

Before deciding to grab it, please note that at this time, stickers on LINE have several types, including Static stickers, Animation stickers, Sound stickers and Pop-up stickers (animation with larger display).
Just take an example of this sticker:

  • Type: Animation & Sound
  • ID: 12933

Use a link with format as below if you want to get the sticker with STATIC type:

First format URL:[email protected]

However, if the sticker you want is non-static (Animation, Sound or Pop-up), you can use format like this:

Second format URL:[email protected]

Note: Replace “StickerID” with the ID number of each sticker. If you don’t know how to find an sticker ID, read this article >> How to Get the ID or Link URL from LINE Sticker?

By using the second format link, you will get a ZIP file with a complete package consisting of static image files, animation and audio (depending on the type of sticker). Those procedures are helpful to get LINE sticker for WhatsApp.
For your information, the file stickers are packaged in ZIP format. Well, the steps above is related to convert LINE sticker to WhatsApp.

How do I get the GIF of animated LINE sticker format?

To get animated sticker LINE, you should ensure that the sticker LINE is the type of Animation or Pop up. Both types can be converted into GIFs animated LINE sticker. Use second URL format:[email protected]

When you get sticker using the second URL format, then in the ZIP package, it will contain a list of static and additional folder type image files (animation, popup or sound).
This additional folder (animation/popup) can be converted to GIF of animated LINE sticker. As information, the files in animation folder are with APNG ( Animation PNG) extensions. Therefore, to change or convert APNG to GIF, you can use free software, or it can be done through online converter web such as Animizer icons8. com/animizer.

How do I get LINE sticker that has a transparent background and PNG format for free?

To get transparent PNG LINE sticker, you don’t need to sort out the sticker type because all the stickers on LINE have a transparent background with PNG extensions. Use first URL format to get PNG (no background) image:[email protected]