Afgan and Raisa Together Forever LINE Stickers | Dream couple Afgan and Raisa have finally gotten together on LINE! These animated stickers will cheer you and your loved ones up! Available till January 29, 2016! –

Raisa, the Dream Girlfriend LINE Stickers | Missing someone? Cheer up, Raisa's sweet voice is here to accompany you! Go on and send this sticker to the one you love! Available till January 15, 2016! –

This sticker also know as:

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Butata’s Meaty Stickers LINE Stickers | This pig knows how to bring home the bacon! Whether on the pan or in the pot, he never loses his cool. Available till July 10, 2016 –

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Phee Khu Fah Hanuman 4.0 LINE Stickers | Phee Khu Fah Hanuman is friendly and kind to everyone. He's always around to deliver useful information to Thais everywhere. Friend Thai Khu Fah's official account to get the set for free. Available till October 22, 2018 –