Baitoru + Animated + Pop-Up: Chilling with Chuichi

Posted on Animated stickers + Chilling with Chuichi Line Sticker | Baitoru Animated stickers.Baitoru brings you all sorts of information on part-time jobs-now they’re bringing you a new set of sweet stickers too! Chuichi the mouse loves new jobs almost as much as he dose cheese,and he’s on the prowl in this animated sticker set.Friend Baitoru’s official account to get them! Available till June 8,2015. You can get collaboration of Baitoru with AKB48

One-stop part-time job site Baitoru is bringing back Chuichi the mouse in another set of animated stickers! With 16 stickers in all, these stickers will paint your chats red for weeks to come!
Baitoru’s ever-popular mouse, Chuichi, is back with a fourth round of stickers! Spring is coming, and these stickers are perfect for expressing its many joys, such as spending time with close friends and celebrating new beginnings! Friend Baitoru’s official account to get them for free!

Here’s the fifth sticker set from Baitoru, this time featuring a pop-up Chuichi! You won’t be able to get enough of Chuichi filling up your screen with his cuteness! Friend Baitoru’s official account to get the set for free!

Baitoru’s beloved mouse character Chuichi is back for a sixth sticker set, this time with little brothers Chuji and Chuzo along for the ride. Cheer up your chats with more mousy mischief today! Friend Baitoru’s official account to get the set for free. Available till April 3, 2017.

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Baitoru Animated stickers line://shop/detail/4341
Baitoru Animated Stickers 3 line://shop/detail/5232
Chilling with Chuichi line://shop/detail/6014
Pop-Up Chuichi line://shop/detail/7222
Chuichi & Bros: Triple the Cute! line://shop/detail/8079

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