Barista-kun by Nescafé

Posted on by Nescafé Line Sticker | Barista-kun is here to root fot the super popular coffee machine, the Barista! This handy device is making waves across the country, delivering smiles and fresh, delicious coffee to hard-workers like you. Friend Nescafe Ambassador’s official account to get these stickers for free.

Barista-kun is back! The cutest coffee maker around returns to brighten up your morning with delicious coffee, every day! Friend Nestlé’s official account to get the set for free. Available till June 6, 2016.

Name LINE Sticker: Barista-kun by Nescafé

Free/Paid : free

Link : line://shop/detail/5233 | line://shop/detail/6377

Publisher : Nestlé Japan

Copyright : Nestlé Japan Ltd