are Lovely Pets + Animated + Sound Line Sticker | Pets and popular words from “We are Lovely Pets”, the popular Youtube program from VRZO PRODUCTION.
Animal lovers rejoice! This set’s full of pets and their popular quotes from VRZO Production’s famous Youtube show “We are Lovely Pet.” (more…) Kero Keroppi x Mitsuo Aida + Animated + Formal Occasions Line Sticker | Keroppi from Donut Pond is great at swimming freestyle, but not so confident with the frog style… Nevertheless, these stickers are good for all chat styles! The popular Kero Kero Keroppi is back again! All your favorite friends from Donut Pond are here to make your conversations “ribbit”-ing! Kero Kero Keroppi and Mitsuo Aida are here with their very own LINE stickers! This heart-warming set is sure to cheer you up on tough days! Try the stickers out when you want to brighten up a loved oneʹs day!
Keroppi the frog was hipping and hopping before it was cool. Now the green guy has turned his attention to formal occasions! Use these stickers to thrill your friends with his verbose vocabulary. They’ll toad-ally love you for it! (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • chibi maruko chan (66)
  • line kerokerokeroppi and friend (17) Halloween Hootnanny Line Sticker | The LINE characters are all dressed up for Halloween and theyʹve never looked better! Get into the spirit of spirits with these cool-costumed stickers. Pumpkin faces in the night unite! Available till October 31, 2014 (GMT+9).
Trick or treat! Celebrate Halloween with this cool animated sticker set from LINE! Send these stickers to your friends to celebrate Halloween! Available till November 11, 2015. (more…) & Match Mouse + Animated Line Sticker | The lazy cat Po-chan has been reborn as a set of animated stickers! This sticker set has this catʹs daily routine nailed. The lazy cat Po-chan and his pal Match Mouse have been reborn as animated stickers! This sticker set really sheds a lot of light on the everyday secret lives of cats. (more…)