Italia Edizione Speciale Line Sticker | Moon learns to send kisses, make jokes, and express himself like an Italian. Spice up your chat with this set of special edition stickers.

(more…)’ Mad! Angry LINE Characters Line Sticker | Following in Moon’s fiery footsteps, all your favorite LINE characters are ready to grind their axes! You’ll never look at them the same again!


This sticker also know as:

  • Hopin mad (1) Spoon Line Sticker | The hit Japanese comic and animation about life in an agricultural high school comes to LINE. Purchase any Silver Spoon LINE Manga to get this sticker set. Stickers featuring the hugely popular story about life in an agricultural high school. And you can buy paid version in Line Shop. Join Yugo Hachinen and friends and become one of the Yezo gang.

(more…) Wolverine Line Sticker X-MEN hero Wolverine is here with his superhuman healing powers and razor-sharp claws! This set is perfect for adding punch when you need to sound tough!