Bear! + Move it, Talk & Speaks Taiwanese Line Sticker |Free bear is a curious and smart cub. He is very fond of buying things in PXmart and his hat can be turned into a shopping bag. Friend PXmartʹs official account to get the cutest set.
Come and hear the voice of Free Bear and his good friends! Friend PXMART’s official account to get this sticker set for FREE! (more…) Line Sticker | How can you resist this cute and cuddly little thing? Introducing Mamegoma – your portable hand-sized seal! In second set of stickers featuring Mamegoma. Softness now at 120%. Enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Mamegoma is back for a third time with a cute hand-drawn look! Enjoy a chuckle with stickers displaying emotions, messages, text balloons, and much more!
(more…) Tamagawa + to Taiwan Line Sticker | DHC’s wild cat, Yoshiko Tamagawa is here to play! Missed Yoshiko the last time? She’s back again with 8 brand new expressions with seri “Mega-Sized”. This cat 16 brand new stickers featuring the popular Yoshiko and the new Boss Cat! (more…) Stickers! + Animated Line Sticker |  This feisty little kitty is on the move with her new set of LINE stickers! These dramatic Uru-nyan illustrations are perfect for any situation and so adorable youʹll want to use them in every chat you have. Friend the Orbis official account to get these stickers right meow! (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • line sticker gratis (57) Buffalo Life + 100% + Shop-a-holic + Jumpa Idol LoveLine Sticker | Watch as a Thai buffalo, who dreams of flying, begins his entertaining journey through the world of self-aviation.
Adorable Tidlom the buffalo is back again! Now he’s back with funny words and lively sounds like “I’m 100% buffalo”! (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • sticker line joe taslim (23) Tunk Man + Animated Line Sticker | Have fun chats with the Tunk Tunk Man sticker set from LH Bank. Hi! Tunk Tunk Man is back again and this time he is animated! Friend LH Bankʹs official account to get them for free. Letʹs fun!!
Celebrate LH Bank’s 10 years anniversary! The super cool Tunk Tunk Man is back again. Download these stickers before the upcoming festive season! Available till January 13, 2016. (more…) Stickers Line Sticker | This super cute rabbit KNOWS how to put make up on! Look at her gorgeous sparkly eyes! Absolutely adorable! Usagitan makes another appearance on LINE! A new series of Usagitan stickers, featuring her friend Midorichan! (more…) Lover Animated Sound Stickers Line Sticker |
The cute and bubbly Isan is coming to a LINE chat near you! Her animated stickers feature sound clips that will make your friends swoon for sure!

This sticker also know as:

  • animiert garfield (16)

Lovely Eddie and Ellie stickers are now on LINE. Adorable Kate & Juby stickers are now on LINE. Funny squirrel & sweet bunny stickers are now on LINE. Lucky & Piggy stickers are now on LINE. Lovely Family animated stickers are now on LINE. Lovely Sheep stickers are now on LINE. Lovely Fifi & Kate stickers are now on LINE! Friend EF Shopʹs offical account to get the set. Available till April 16, 2015.

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  • line rangers characters (23) + Animated Line Sticker | The words “ambiguous”, “vague”, and “easy-going” come to mind when describing Kamonohashikamo. Just get them… Why not?! Kamonohashikamo with his friends and even more lovely expressions! Waddle you do if you don’t get Kamonohashikamo stickers?
Kamonohashikamo is finally here in a set of animated stickers! Dancinʹ, cryinʹ, fartinʹ, he does what he wants! Him and all his friends will fill your chats with laughs!

This sticker also know as:

  • line stickers anpanman (14) + Animated Moving + Voice Clip Stickers! Line Sticker | Japan’s loudest and funniest comedian is now on LINE! Amuse and maybe even annoy your friends with these hilarious stickers.
ZAKIYAMA animated stickers are here! Theyʹll make you dizzy with laughter. Use these stickers to crack yourself up!
The man with the superhero chin is back with a set of sound stickers featuring famous quotes and quips from the king of comedy himself. Hit your chats with a Zaki attack! The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

(more…) Nanako Line Sticker | Theyʹre here at last! Naughty Nanako is coming! This time weʹre featuring more hilarious faces and funny phrases. Get it now and letʹs get ridiculous! Wowie-zowie! Naughty Nanako has launched a set of animated stickers! This time sheʹs not only naughtier, sheʹs more hilarious than ever. Have fun fishing for monkies!
(more…) Street + Animated 1 2 3 Line Sticker |Sesame Street is now a LINE sticker set! All your favorites are here from this children’s program loved the world over –Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and more! Sesame Street is back on LINE! The Sesame Street gang comes to life in a set of animated stickers perfect for everyday use! Use these adorable stickers of Elmo and friends when you’re mad, sad, or just wanna smile!
Sesame Street’s third round of animated stickers features Elmo and his friends in cute pastel colors, complete with adorable one-liners perfect for every occasion.

This sticker also know as:

  • My melody (78)
  • sesame street (49)
  • duniati stiker line (13)

Sexy, cute and glamorous! Yep, Betty Boop is here to spice up your LINE chats – Oh Yes! There’s a sticker for every occasion! The lovely Betty Boop is here in a set of animated stickers! Fill your chats with her cute and sexy charm.

This sticker also know as:

  • استیکر سکسی (20)
  • cute moving stickers for facebook chat (14) & Family + Animated Line Sticker |  PangPond, a legendary Thai character since 1989 is here on LINE. Use these cute, mischievous, yet imaginative stickers to liven up your chats.
Pangpond is back in town with a new set of talking animated stickers! Your loved ones will swoon in delight every time you send them one of these adorable designs. (more…) from Jetstar + Animated Line Sticker Jetta from Jetstar is finally a LINE sticker! Add Jetstar’s Offical Account with exclusive deals and you can get a Jetta sticker? Friend Jetstarʹs official account and youʹll get a set of animated stickers featuring their official character Jetta! Youʹll also get all kinds of cool information too!

Friends can receive valuable information regularly from Jetstar.Friend Jetstar’s official account to get these stickers starring their official mascot, Jetta!

Celebrate Jetstar Japan’s fourth anniversary together with Red from The Angry Birds Movie. Friend Jetstar’s official account to get these official Jetta stickers for free! Available till September 12, 2016.

(more…) Mario Bros. 8-Bit Stickers Line Sticker | New Mario stickers are here, but with a decidedly old-school look! Get into the game with Mario at his pixely best with moves, sounds, and scenes from his Super Mario Bros. glory days! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

(more…) Let’s Get Loud! Line Sticker | Get loud with the CATURDAY cats! They’ll show you what mood they’re in! Fill your chats with their Meow language.

(more…) TUNES! Animated Stickers Line Sticker | ART TUNES! has finally come to LINE. Use these animated stickers in your chat and you’ll find yourself breaking out into a tune before you know it. Find all your favorite songs in this set!

(more…) Kaji’s Voiced Stickers Line Sticker | Popular voice actor Yuki Kaji lends his voice in this handy and versatile sticker set! This set feature’s his greatest hits, including Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan and Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

(more…) Back Alley Life Line Sticker | The popular manga series from comico, Back Alley Life, returns to LINE with a set of animated stickers! Let Kuchinashi’s cute couple featuring Mashiro, a little kitty girl, and Akame, a tough yet lonely boy, add emotion to your chats with their cute stickers!

(more…) Red Bean: Animated Sound Stickers Line Sticker | Don’t be alarmed, but clever-minded Red Bean is moving and talking! It’s okay, she’s anthropomorphic.