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(more…) Husband Only + Pop-Up Line Sticker | The little bear cutie from the popular cartoon blog Bear and Black Sheep now has a set of animated sound stickers on LINE!

The My Husband Only sticker series returns, now in full screen animated pop-up glory! Level up your chats with even more fun and laughter when chatting with your SO!
The return of My Husband Only stickers—now in full-frame, animated pop-up style! These new stickers will take your chats to a whole new level of fun and laughter, especially when chatting with those close to your heart.

(more…) Street + Animated 1 2 3 Line Sticker |Sesame Street is now a LINE sticker set! All your favorites are here from this children’s program loved the world over –Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and more! Sesame Street is back on LINE! The Sesame Street gang comes to life in a set of animated stickers perfect for everyday use! Use these adorable stickers of Elmo and friends when you’re mad, sad, or just wanna smile!
Sesame Street’s third round of animated stickers features Elmo and his friends in cute pastel colors, complete with adorable one-liners perfect for every occasion.

This sticker also know as:

  • My melody (58)
  • sesame street (44)
  • duniati stiker line (13)
  • Sesame Street sticker (1) Inkling Injection Line Sticker | Splatoon delivers an arsenal of pop-up stickers ready to ink up your screen! Complete with osmotically awesome inkling sound effects! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.