mini Heroes Line Sticker | All your favorite MARVEL superheroes like youve never seen them before. Power up your chats with these cutesy stickers!
(more…) Heroes Line Sticker | All the most famous MARVEL heroes in one set of stickers! Catch Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and more! MARVEL fans and hero maniacs, youve got to have this!

This sticker also know as:

  • school stickers (10) de Pueblo Line Sticker | Sticker for hicks, trendy folks from the villages and totally modern people. Available till 09/12/13
(more…) de Pueblo: Christmas Edition Line Sticker | These holiday stickers are perfect for those without a white Christmas. Friend LINE Eventoss official account to get them! Available till 11/01/2014
(more…) de pueblo: Capullos Everywhere! Line Sticker | Some people are allergic to pollen, some are allergic to fools. If you fall into the second category, these stickers are for you!
(more…) Special Edition Line Sticker | Say hello to Sally’s little friend! Edward dons his trademark red cap and goes to town on some apples in this cute, expressive sticker set!

(more…) & Cony in KBank world Line Sticker | Introducing Thailand’s first sponsored sticker to feature LINE’s Brown and Cony. Add KBank Live’s Official Account and get them free

(more…) Italia Edizione Speciale Line Sticker | Moon learns to send kisses, make jokes, and express himself like an Italian. Spice up your chat with this set of special edition stickers.

(more…) Spoon Line Sticker | The hit Japanese comic and animation about life in an agricultural high school comes to LINE. Purchase any Silver Spoon LINE Manga to get this sticker set. Stickers featuring the hugely popular story about life in an agricultural high school. And you can buy paid version in Line Shop. Join Yugo Hachinen and friends and become one of the Yezo gang.

(more…) Fruit & SweetChi play Baseball Line Sticker | Miss Fruit and SweetChi play baseball! What will happen? Who will win? Add App01 as friend to get these stickers.

(more…) Line Sticker |  The flirtatious Ataru Moroboshi and his sassy alien “wife,” Lum, are here to wreak havoc in your chats! Get these today daccha?

(more…) Bear Line Sticker | Bears! Beware! But not to fear, they only eat Circle K’s frozen yogurt. Add Circle K’s official account as a friend to get them? Available till 28/11/2013

(more…) Career Agent Line Sticker | Friend JOB178s official account to get exclusive stickers designed by a famous Japanese designer. Remember to share with your friends! Available till 3/3/2014