Chibi Maruko-chan & Friends

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A new series of Chibi Maruko-chan stickers, featuring all her best friends! Let their dramatic and humorous expressions add color to your chats!

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Chibi Maruko-chan & Friends Line Sticker GIF & PNG Pack: Animated & Transparent No Background | WhatsApp Sticker
Chibi Maruko-chan & Friends – LINE Stickers

The Chibi Maruko-chan & Friends sticker pack is here to add a touch of nostalgia and cuteness to your conversations! This adorable sticker set features the beloved characters from the classic anime series, including Maruko, her family, and her friends.

With a total of 40 different stickers to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to express your emotions and share your favorite moments. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, or just want to say hello, there’s a sticker for every occasion. And with their chibi-style designs, these stickers are guaranteed to make you and your friends smile.

In this sticker pack, you’ll find Maruko and her friends in a variety of different poses and expressions. From Maruko’s signature “Uki uki” smile to Tama-chan’s mischievous grin, there’s a sticker for every mood. Plus, with stickers featuring the whole gang gathered together, you can share the love and friendship that these characters represent.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Chibi Maruko-chan or just discovering the show for the first time, these stickers are the perfect way to add some fun and cuteness to your conversations. And with their playful and colorful designs, they’re sure to become a favorite among your sticker collection!

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