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Enjoy awesome shopping deals together with LINE Friends! Friend LINE Shopping’s Official Account to get this exclusive sticker set.

Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends! Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends!
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until December 24, 2016
  • Language : English
  • Link : line://shop/detail/7229
  • Publisher : LINE
  • Copyright : LINE Corporation

Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends! WhatsApp Sticker GIF
7229 – Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends!

Meet the LINE Friends: Your Adorable Shopping Companions!

Get ready to add some serious cuteness to your online shopping experience with the “Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends!” sticker set! This delightful collection brings LINE’s beloved characters to life in a series of shopping-themed scenarios that are sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re a devoted LINE user or prefer WhatsApp, these stickers are perfect for expressing your excitement about great deals, sharing your shopping adventures, or simply brightening up your chats with friends.

The LINE Friends have become global icons, each with their own unique personality. There’s Brown, the stoic bear with a heart of gold; Cony, the energetic and expressive rabbit; Sally, the cheerful chick; and many more lovable characters. In this sticker set, you’ll see them navigating the joys and occasional frustrations of shopping, from carrying armfuls of presents to reacting to amazing discounts. It’s like having your own personal cheerleading squad as you hunt for the best bargains!

The Minds Behind the Magic: LINE and LINE Corporation

These charming stickers come to us courtesy of LINE, the popular messaging app that has taken the world by storm. Launched in 2011 in the wake of the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, LINE quickly became an essential communication tool. Today, it’s a global phenomenon, offering not just messaging but a whole ecosystem of services including games, financial technology, and of course, its iconic stickers.

The copyright for these delightful designs belongs to LINE Corporation, the Tokyo-based company behind the LINE app. Known for its innovative approach to mobile services and communication, LINE Corporation has consistently pushed the boundaries of what a messaging app can be. Their creation and curation of character-driven content, like the LINE Friends featured in this sticker set, has been a key factor in building a devoted global fanbase. By infusing personality and emotion into digital communication, LINE Corporation has turned simple chats into rich, expressive exchanges that resonate with users around the world.

Why You Need These Stickers in Your Life

Imagine scrolling through an online store, spotting an irresistible deal, and being able to share your excitement with a sticker of Cony jumping for joy. Or picture yourself finishing up a marathon shopping session and sending your friends a sticker of Brown surrounded by shopping bags. These “Enjoy Shopping with LINE Friends!” stickers add a playful, relatable element to your digital conversations, making every chat about shopping more fun and engaging.

But here’s the best part – these stickers are exclusive and time-limited! By friending LINE Shopping’s Official Account, you can snag this set for free, but only until December 24, 2016. Don’t miss out on this chance to add some shopping-themed whimsy to your chats. Whether you’re a seasoned LINE sticker collector or new to the world of digital stickers, this set is a must-have for anyone who loves to shop and share their experiences with friends.

A Closer Look at the Sticker Set

Row 1: Greetings and Excitement

The first row sets the tone with four vibrant stickers. We start with a cheerful “HELLO!” from Cony and Sally, who are surrounded by colorful gift boxes – perfect for kicking off a shopping conversation. Next, we see Cony exclaiming “WOW!” while surrounded by shopping bags, capturing that moment of awe when you find an amazing deal. The third sticker features a smiling face (possibly Sally) saying “THANK YOU” on a green gift tag, ideal for expressing gratitude after receiving shopping advice or a great recommendation. The row concludes with an adorable bunny (likely Cony) hugging a green gift box, surrounded by hearts – a sweet way to show appreciation for a thoughtful purchase.

Row 2: Shopping Adventures and Reactions

The second row dives deeper into the shopping experience. It begins with a sticker showing Brown struggling with an overflowing shopping cart, humorously depicting those times when we might overindulge in retail therapy. Next, we see Cony popping out of a shopping bag with a “SURPRISE!” message, perfect for revealing an unexpected purchase to friends. The third sticker features a character (possibly Sally) peeking out from behind a “FOR SALE” sign, great for alerting friends to special offers. The final sticker in this row shows Cony looking shocked and exclaiming “OMG!”, ideal for reacting to unbelievable deals or surprising shopping news.

This sticker set brilliantly captures the full spectrum of shopping emotions and experiences. From the initial excitement of finding great deals to the satisfaction of completing purchases, these LINE Friends stickers provide a fun and expressive way to share your shopping journey with friends. The combination of cute characters, vibrant colors, and relatable scenarios makes this set a must-have for anyone who loves to shop and chat. Don’t forget – these exclusive stickers are only available for a limited time when you friend LINE Shopping’s Official Account, so act fast to add this delightful touch to your digital conversations!

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