Every day is happy with A-Fu

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China Life was officially changed to Cathay Life, combining the group’s various resources and is dedicated to your happy life; Cathay Afu was born under this vision, hoping to be by your side every day, and to be happy with you every day! Add Cathay Life’s official account as a friend. The first 100,000 friends can own this sticker .

Every day is happy with A-Fu  Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Every day is happy with A-Fu
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until 02–06–2024
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30521
  • Publisher : KGI LIFE
  • Copyright : xxx

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30521 – Every day is happy with A-Fu Sticker

Dive into Joy with the “Every day is happy with A-Fu” Sticker Pack!

In a world where life’s twists and turns can leave us yearning for a little happiness, Cathay Afu steps in. Born from the vision of Cathay Life, formerly known as China Life, this delightful sticker character is here to brighten your days. Let’s get to know our cheerful friend!

An Introduction to Pure Delight:

Meet Cathay Afu, the embodiment of joy and positivity. With a sunny disposition and an ever-present smile, Afu is ready to accompany you through life’s ups and downs. Whether you’re chatting with friends on LINE or sharing moments on WhatsApp, this static sticker pack adds a touch of whimsy to your conversations.

The Creative Minds and Magic Behind It

KGI LIFE: Your Happiness Publisher

KGI LIFE, now known as Cathay Life, plays a pivotal role in bringing Afu to life. As the publisher, they’ve harnessed their diverse resources to create a sticker character that resonates with hearts worldwide. Their commitment to your well-being shines through every pixel of Afu’s adorable expressions.

Meet A-Fu, Your Happy-Go-Lucky Pal

A-Fu, the star of the show, is not just a character; it’s a bundle of cheerfulness and optimism. With its infectious smile and expressive actions, A-Fu is your daily dose of happiness and positivity.

Supercharge Your Chats with Expressive Stickers

Emotional Freedom:

From high-fives of joy to virtual hugs of support, the “Every day is happy with A-Fu” sticker pack is your toolbox for expressing a rainbow of emotions. Because every emotion deserves its spotlight!

Sparking Life into Conversations:

Inject a bit of playfulness into your conversations by introducing A-Fu. The stickers turn your chats into a lively spectacle, where joy and laughter take center stage.

A Sneak Peek into the Sticker Wonderland

Embrace Variety:

Dive into A-Fu’s world with stickers capturing various moods and situations. Whether you’re feeling love, happiness, or need a bit of support, there’s a sticker waiting to convey your emotions in style.

Artistry in Every Pixel:

Witness the magic of stunning artwork and vibrant designs that bring A-Fu to life with exceptional detail. These high-quality designs aren’t just stickers; they’re miniature works of art.

Spread the Happiness, Share the Stickers!

The Ultimate Gift:

Surprise your near and dear ones with the gift of happiness – the “Every day is happy with A-Fu” sticker pack. Share the joy and brighten their day with these delightful companions.

Happiness in Every Chat:

With the “Every day is happy with A-Fu” sticker pack, your conversations become a carnival of joy. Express your emotions with these delightful stickers, turning every chat into a celebration of happiness. Let the sticker party begin!

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