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Fanta crew LINE stickers are here! Let this fun gang boost your spirits? The popular Fanta stickers return with a Halloween version. New stickers with Andy and Gigi from Fanta crew and GOLDEN BOMBER from FRT2 are out now. Gang of FANTA crews is now ready to bring you Delicious Play Beyond Imagination. Fantaʹs newest set of stickers features the exciting Fanta crew in all new animated style.
Fanta Genk of Fun: Gigi, Todd, Andy, Lola and Floyd will make your chats FUN. The Fanta Crew are here to make your day more fun and less stressful.
FANTA Play crew is back with the new Icy Lemon Lime flavor that is better than imagination! The popular collaboration stickers brought to you by Fanta × studio crocodile are back again! No Worries! Thatʹs what all the kids are saying these days. Now blow away your petty cares and failures with the sizzle of Fanta! Oooooh yeah! Friend Fantaʹs official account to get the set. Available till April 20, 2015.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Fanta play day line://shop/detail/913
FANTA Halloween stickers line://shop/detail/1236
Fanta & GOLDEN BOMBER line://shop/detail/1988
Fanta’s Play Gang line://shop/detail/2836
The Animated Fanta Crew line://shop/detail/3142
Fanta: Genk of Fun line://shop/detail/3167
FANTA Crew: It’s Fun Time! line://shop/detail/3578
Fanta Icy Lemon Lime
Wash Away Worries with Fanta! line://shop/detail/4117
Fanta’s Play Gang: Selfie line://shop/detail/5182

Paid/Free :Free

Status :Temporary

Publisher : Coca-cola Company | Indonesia, Limited | Coca-Cola (Thailand)

Copyright : Copyright © 2013 – 2014 Coca-Cola Company, Limited

Fanta play day
Fanta play day Line Sticker
FANTA Halloween stickers
FANTA Halloween Line Sticker
Fanta & GOLDEN BOMBER Line Sticker
Fanta's Play Gang
Fanta's Play Gang Line Sticker
The Animated Fanta Crew
The Animated Fanta Crew
The Animated Fanta Crew
Fanta: Genk of Fun
Fanta: Genk of Fun Line Sticker
FANTA Crew: It's Fun Time!
FANTA Crew: It's Fun Time! Line Sticker
Fanta Icy Lemon Lime
Fanta Icy Lemon Lime Line Sticker
Wash Away Worries with Fanta!
Wash Away Worries with Fanta! Line Sticker
Fanta’s Play Gang: Selfie
Fanta’s Play Gang: Selfie
Fanta’s Play Gang: Selfie

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  • line sticker rascal (33)
  • animinated stickers (32)