Gachapin & Mukku + Animated + Pop-Ups

Posted on & Mukku + Animated Line Sticker | Gachapin is now on LINE! And his best friend Mukku is here too! Enjoy Gachapin & Mukku cute stickers with their many different expressions! Even more lovable and cute expressions to make you smile! The Gachapin & Mukku love the summertime too! Fireworks, festivals, & even more cute expressions: it’s all here! Get them now!
Wow! Gachapin and Mukku have teamed up with Lumix! Add the Club Panasonic Official Account & get them free!
Hi guys! Itʹs Gachapin and Mukku, and we are in an especially chatty mood! Hear our adorable voices in this set of talking stickers.

Hey everyone! Gachapin and Mukku here! We’re really excited to jump off the screen with these stickers! We know you’ll enjoy hearing our voices too! When tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode.

Name (LINE Sticker) :
Gachapin & Mukku (Paid) line://shop/detail/440
Gachapin & Mukku 2 (Paid) line://shop/detail/826
Gachapin & Mukku: Summer Special (Paid) line://shop/detail/576
Gachapin & Mukku X Lumix (Free) line://shop/detail/739
Talkative Gachapin & Mukku line://shop/detail/3985
Gachapin & Mukku Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/7533

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