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7000: Install LINE: GUNDAM WARS to get these limited GUNDAM WARS stickers now! Available till September 28, 2016.

7688: Install LINE GUNDAM WARS and clear normal stage 7 to get these animated stickers! Available till May 10, 2017.

9180: GUNDAM is back again! Get these stamps for free by installing LINE: GUNDAM WARS and completing your designated mission. Check the in-game details for more info! Available till September 20, 2017.

LINE: GUNDAM WARS Line Sticker PNG-14625LINE: GUNDAM WARS Line Sticker PNG-11824

11824: Original stickers are here to celebrate 2 years of LINE: Gundam Wars! Clear the tutorial to get them! See in-game for details. Available till August 17, 2018.

LINE: GUNDAM WARS Line Sticker PNG-7000LINE: GUNDAM WARS Line Sticker PNG-7688LINE: GUNDAM WARS Line Sticker PNG-9180

14625: Check out this new set of original stickers designed to celebrate the triumphant third anniversary of LINE: GUNDAM WARS! Simply clear the tutorial to get these action-packed stickers! More details can be found in-game. Available till August 17, 2019.

  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static, Animation, Pop Up
  • Expiry Date : Temporary
  • Language : Japanese, Thai Language, English, Mandarin
  • Link :
    Type 1: line://shop/detail/7000 | line://shop/detail/7001 | line://shop/detail/7170 | line://shop/detail/7084
    Type 2: line://shop/detail/7688 | line://shop/detail/7674 | line://shop/detail/7753
    Type 3: line://shop/detail/9180
    Type 4: line://shop/detail/11824 | line://shop/detail/11828 | line://shop/detail/11827 | line://shop/detail/11826 | line://shop/detail/11825
    Type 5: line://shop/detail/14625 ALL | line://shop/detail/14624 TW CH | line://shop/detail/14623 HK | line://shop/detail/14622 TH | line://shop/detail/14621 JP
  • Publisher : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. | LINE
  • Copyright : ST. SR | ST. SR. MBS | ST. SR. TX

LINE: GUNDAM WARS WhatsApp Sticker GIF-7000
7000 – LINE: GUNDAM WARS Sticker
LINE: GUNDAM WARS WhatsApp Sticker GIF-7688
7688 – LINE: GUNDAM WARS Sticker

LINE: GUNDAM WARS Stickers for LINE & WhatsApp

Get Ready for Gundam Action!

Immerse yourself in the world of Gundam with this collection of exciting LINE and WhatsApp stickers. These animated, static, and pop-up stickers bring the iconic Gundam characters and their battles to life on your digital conversations.

A Trio of Publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. | LINE

Three industry giants have joined forces to bring you these incredible stickers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., a renowned game developer and publisher, LINE, the popular messaging app, and ST. SR | ST. SR. MBS | ST. SR. TX, the copyright holders of the Gundam franchise.

LINE: GUNDAM WARS WhatsApp Sticker GIF-9180
9180 – LINE: GUNDAM WARS Sticker
LINE: GUNDAM WARS WhatsApp Sticker GIF-11824
11824 – LINE: GUNDAM WARS Sticker

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

As the publisher, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. brings its expertise to the forefront. They’ve masterfully crafted LINE: GUNDAM WARS, ensuring an immersive experience for fans and gamers alike.

Copyright Holders

Now, let’s meet the guardians of creativity:

  • ST. SR: These initials represent the esteemed creators who breathe life into the Gundam universe.
  • ST. SR. MBS: Their dedication ensures that every pixel resonates with the spirit of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • ST. SR. TX: These visionaries safeguard the legacy, allowing us to relish the saga of giant mechs and interstellar battles.

Exclusive Gundam Stickers for Your Chats
“LINE: GUNDAM WARS” Anniversary Collection

Commemorating two years of epic battles, these stickers burst with nostalgia and excitement. Clear the tutorial to unlock them!

LINE: GUNDAM WARS WhatsApp Sticker GIF-14625
14625 – LINE: GUNDAM WARS Sticker

“Triumphant Third Anniversary” Stickers

Behold the adrenaline-fueled designs celebrating three years of LINE: GUNDAM WARS! Conquer the tutorial to wield these action-packed stickers in your chats.

Collect Them All:

  • Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of LINE: Gundam Wars with a set of original stickers, exclusively available for LINE users. Simply complete the tutorial to claim them.
  • Experience the triumph of LINE: Gundam Wars’ 3rd anniversary with an action-packed sticker set. Clear the tutorial to unlock these dynamic stickers.
  • Get your hands on the LINE: Gundam Wars normal stage 7 sticker set by achieving victory in the designated mission. These animated stickers are a must-have for Gundam enthusiasts.

Enrich Your Conversations with Gundam Stickers

With these LINE: Gundam stickers, add a touch of excitement to your everyday conversations. Whether you’re a long-time Gundam fan or a newcomer to the franchise, these stickers are sure to impress. Engage your friends and family in animated Gundam battles or share your favorite Gundam moments with these expressive stickers.

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