Miedie Dook Dik + Pop-Ups

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https://www.line-stickers.com/Miedie Dook Dik Line Sticker | Miedie might be a sweet little girl but she definitely has a naughty streak too. Get to know her and you’ll soon find out that her antics are too cute to pass up!

Miedie here! Your cupcake is back and bigger than ever. I’m here to take up your screen for double the fun and double the fabulousness. As always, please take care of me!

Name LINE Sticker: Miedie Dook Dik line://shop/detail/6432 (TH) | line://shop/detail/8334 (TW)
Miedie Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/7652

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Link : line://shop/detail/6432

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