Monsters, Inc. by Lommy

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Brought to you by the popular illustrator Lommy! Sulley, Mike, Boo, and all your favorites star in this comical design!

Monsters, Inc. by Lommy Line Sticker PNG-29320

  • Title : Monsters, Inc. by Lommy
  • Price : Paid / 100 Coins
  • Type : static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiration Date
  • Language : English
  • Link : line://shop/detail/29320
  • Publisher : The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.
  • Copyright : Disney/Pixar

Monsters, Inc. by Lommy WhatsApp Sticker GIF-29320
29320 – Monsters, Inc. by Lommy Sticker

Unleash Your Inner Monstrosity with Monsters, Inc. by Lommy Stickers!

Get ready to embark on a whimsical adventure with the beloved characters from Monsters, Inc. brought to life by the talented illustrator, Lommy! These delightful stickers are sure to add a touch of playful charm to your digital conversations. Whether you’re a fan of the lovable Sulley, the wisecracking Mike Wazowski, or the adorable Boo, this collection has something for everyone.

Introducing the Monsters, Inc. by Lommy Sticker Pack: Step into the vibrant world of Monstropolis and let these iconic characters express your emotions in the most hilarious and endearing ways. From Sulley’s gentle giant persona to Mike’s mischievous antics, each sticker captures the essence of these unforgettable personalities, breathing life into your chats with friends and family.

The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. – The Publisher Behind the Magic: Bringing you the best in entertainment and storytelling, The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. has once again proven its commitment to delighting audiences of all ages. As the publisher of this remarkable sticker pack, they have ensured that the charm and whimsy of Monsters, Inc. are faithfully captured in every detail.

Disney/Pixar – The Creative Force Behind the Beloved Characters: Behind the scenes, the masterminds at Disney/Pixar have woven their magic, ensuring that the stickers not only capture the essence of the characters but also pay homage to the beloved film that introduced us to this whimsical world. With their artistic prowess and attention to detail, they have breathed new life into these cherished personalities.

Unleash Your Monstrous Expression: Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s achievements, sharing a laugh, or simply adding a touch of whimsy to your daily conversations, the Monsters, Inc. by Lommy stickers are the perfect companions. Invite Sulley, Mike, and the gang into your digital world and let their infectious energy brighten up your day. Get ready to unleash your inner monstrosity and let the fun begin!

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