Cosuke! + Moving (Animated)

Posted on! + Moving (Animated) Line Sticker Cosuke, CO-OP’s colorful mascot, is a red bear that loves helping others. Friend CO-OP’s official account to get these stickers. Cosuke the bear is Japanese grocery store Co-opʹs official mascot, and this little critter is back for more as a set of animated stickers! Heʹs all over the place! Friend the Co-op official account to get this set for free.

This is the third set of stickers featuring Cosuke, official mascot of Co-op Kyosai! Have a heartwarming time with this cute, red… b-bear? Friend Co-op’s official account to get this set for free!
Co-op Kyosai’s official mascot, Cosuke, is back for a fourth round of stickers! Cosuke’s getting ready for the best summer yet! Friend Co-op’s official account to get the set for free. Available till September 25, 2016.

Name LINE Sticker:
Cosuke line://shop/detail/1798
Moving Cosuke! line://shop/detail/3599
Back Again! Cosuke Stickers 3 line://shop/detail/5658
Cosuke’s Summer Smash! line://shop/detail/6636

Free/Paid : Free

Status : Temporary

Publisher : coop kyosai

Copyright : © CO・OP KYOSAI. All rights reserved.

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