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Nandemo Ikimono and LINE Bite have teamed up A whopping 16 easy-to-use stickers to see you through the rainy season into summer! Send them to your family and mates to liven up your chats! Add the LINE Bite official account to get your mitts on them!

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  • Title : NANDEMO IKIMONO×LINE Part Time Jobs
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until July 3, 2024
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30951
  • Publisher : LINE Part Time Jobs
  • Copyright : yokomizoyuri

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30951 – NANDEMO IKIMONO×LINE Part Time Jobs Sticker

Get Ready for a Rainy Season Laugh Riot with NANDEMO IKIMONO×LINE Part Time Jobs Stickers!

Brace yourselves, folks! Your chat game is about to level up with a burst of hilarity. NANDEMO IKIMONO and LINE Bite have joined forces to bring you an absolutely side-splitting sticker collection that’s guaranteed to keep you and your pals chuckling through the rainy season and beyond. With a whopping 16 easy-to-use stickers, you’ll never run out of ways to liven up your conversations and spread contagious laughter.

Let’s shed some light on the masterminds behind this comedic gem. LINE Part Time Jobs, the publisher extraordinaire, has a knack for curating the wittiest and most relatable digital content. Their finger is firmly on the pulse of what keeps us laughing in the digital age. Meanwhile, yokomizoyuri, the talented artist behind these stickers, deserves a round of applause for their clever character designs and hilarious representations of everyday situations. This dynamic duo has truly outdone themselves!

NANDEMO IKIMONO×LINE Part Time Jobs stickers are a must-have for anyone seeking to inject a generous dose of humor into their digital interactions. From the relatable struggles of part-time jobs to the silly antics of quirky characters, these stickers will have you giggling uncontrollably. Trust us, once you start using them, your friends and family will be begging for the sticker link!

Description of NANDEMO IKIMONO × LINE Part Time Jobs’s Sticker

Row 1:
1) Two kawaii hamster-like creatures sleeping back-to-back on books or pillows.
2) A pink bear-like creature with a surprised/shocked expression with Zs coming out, likely just woken up.
3) A green frog-like creature with a sleepy/tired expression and Zs, probably struggling to stay awake.
4) A brown bear-like creature with a grumpy/annoyed expression, possibly feeling frustrated.

Row 2:
1) Two white bunny-like creatures cuddling or hugging each other affectionately.
2) A black and white cow-like creature with a happy expression and heart emitting from it, feeling joyful.
3) Two grey cat-like creatures huddled together with cold expressions, shivering as if they’re freezing.
4) A yellow bear-like creature with a warmly bundled up expression, looking cozy.

Row 3:
1) Two mouse-like creatures with electricity between them, possibly feeling energetic or having a spark.
2) Two pink bear-like creatures with blushed cheeks holding a big heart between them, expressing love.
3) A dog-like creature with a content smile lying down, perhaps feeling relaxed.
4) A blue monster-like creature with a grumpy expression and smoke coming out, maybe feeling angry or frustrated.

Row 4:
1) A brown bear-like creature with a sleepy expression, likely feeling lazy or unmotivated.
2) A black and white penguin-like creature with a screaming expression, perhaps feeling shocked or startled.
3) A grey bear-like creature with an umbrella over its head and a worried expression, possibly caught in the rain.
4) A pink pig-like creature cuddling with a smaller yellow version of itself, expressing affection.

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