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Posted on PIECE 1 + 2+ 3 Animated + Sound Line Sticker |The legendary comic that has sold over 300 million copies in Japan finally sails its way to LINE. Set off on an adventure with the Straw Hat Crew today!
In second set of One Piece LINE stickers! This set includes such popular characters as Trafalgar. Law, Shanks, Boa Hancock, Perona, and Bon Clay!

The 3rd edition of One Piece stickers youʹve all been waiting for is finally here! All of your favorite characters are back in full action! This unbelievable collection was overseen by the original author, Mr. Eiichiro Oda himself! Check out Luffy, Ace, Sabo, and the rest of the gang in this awesome set!
One Piece is back with a second round of animated stickers! Blast your friends to smithereens with the best lines ever from Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew!

One Piece is back for more adventure on the high seas of your chats with these talking animated stickers! The lines included in this set were chosen by fans just like you! Light up your chats with Luffy and the gang. The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

The crew from One Piece may usually hunt for treasure, but they’re also willing share a little bit with this special sticker set! Featuring exclusive illustrations only found here, it’s a must-have for any fan.

Luffy and the rest of the crew are ready for their next adventure in this exclusive sticker set. Cast off on your own adventure and celebrate new beginnings this spring!

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ONE PIECE Straw Hat Crew line://shop/detail/1669
ONE PIECE 2: 2nd Series line://shop/detail/3108
ONE PIECE 3: THIRD SERIES line://shop/detail/3616
Moving ONE PIECE: Vol. 2 line://shop/detail/5360
Animated ONE PIECE Sound Stickers line://shop/detail/5357
ONE PIECE New Year’s Gift Stickers line://shop/detail/7513
ONE PIECE Sakura Lot Stickers line://shop/detail/8082

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