OPPO: Nong Opp & Oily ♪ + Animated

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https://www.line-stickers.com/OPPO: Nong Opp & Oily ♪ + Animated Line Sticker | Be smart generation with OPPO family. Enjoy chats with N’ Opp & Oily sticker. Meet Nʹ Opp & Oily again in OPPOʹs thai catch words sticker. Just have fun with them. N’ Opp & Oily are back and more animated than ever. Turn your life around with them.
Celebrate Christmas & New Year’s with the stickers “N’ Opp & Oily – Season’s Greetings”. This is the season for love. What better time to fall in love with NʹOop & Oily? NʹOop & Oily are back! Share your emotions with these new stickers from OPPO this summer. Friend the OPPO official account to get them! Available till May 6, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
Nong Opp & Oily: OPPO smart Generation line://shop/detail/2484
N’ Opp & Oily: We are young ♪ (Animated) line://shop/detail/2919
N’ Opp & Oily: FIN life ♪ line://shop/detail/3189
N’ Opp & Oily – Season’s Greetings (Animated) line://shop/detail/3661
Nʹ Opp & Oily: The Season for Love line://shop/detail/3874
Nʹ Opp & Oily: Amazing Summer line://shop/detail/4196

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Publisher : OPPO

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