Sticker List: LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram | GIF & PNG Pack Mogu: Cool, Fun and Tasty Line Sticker | Welcome to Mogu Moguʹs world, Letʹs have fun and enjoy !! Add Mogu Mogu Official Account and get this sticker for free! Avaliable until : 2012/12/26 (more…) Chikichiki Peppers: Say It Loud Line Sticker | Korochiki’s cookin’ up something special with a jive-talkin’ set of sound stickers! Thrill your friends and family with hilarious lines from two of the spiciest comedians around. The sound for these stickers will play on iPhones even if your device is set to silent mode.

(more…) BASKET Line Sticker | Popular manga series “Fruits Basket” now has a set of LINE stickers! Show your feelings with Toru, Yuki, Kyo, and the Soma family’s myriad of articulate facial expressions.

(more…) Milk Line Sticker | Khun Milk, the sultry female boss from the well known “Noo-Hin Inter” comic is now available on LINE! Freshen up your chats with this independent woman!

(more…) is Beautiful Line Sticker | Introducing “Ooh La La!” stickers for LINE! Great for all those “Ooh La La” moments! Enjoy these special “Ooh La La” emoticons on your mobile phones! (more…) Line Sticker | CANIMALS are already here, but you haven’t seen them yet! Has someone stolen your favorite cookies? Well, don’t have any doubt. There’re CANIMALS around. (more…) PATAPOKO ANIMAL Line Sticker | Install our PATAPOKO ANIMAL game app & get these cute stickers FREE! (Hurry! Offers for free stickers may be withdrawn without notice) (more…) Line Sticker | The popular app,”Petting Cat Oronyain” is now available as a sticker! Use the homé-homé (praise) sticker and praise your friends nyain! Available til 12/10/2012 (more…) & friends Line Sticker | Let us introduce COJI COJI! The writers call it the “full of nonsense comedy cartoon” & that’s exactly what it is! So add some random cuteness into your chats! (more…) Line Sticker | Snowcat is here to rock your world! Snowcat loves coffee, donuts and enjoys time alone! Enjoy these warm-hearted, cute stickers with your friends. (more…) Elegant Line Sticker | Ultra-expressive, cute and elegant! These girly manga style characters are addictive and will become a necessary part of your daily communications! Looking better than ever! Miss. Elegant stickers are absolutely irresistible. Looks like Miss. Elegant has done it again!!
(more…) Line Sticker | Taiwan‘s most popular illustrated book “JaeJae in Japan” now presents you cute and funny stickers in LINE. Enjoy and share these with your friends. (more…) & (Danbo)! Line Sticker | Popular Japanese comic “Yotsuba & !” is here at LINE’s Sticker Shop! Let Yotsuba’s bubbly character come to life in your messages with Danbo! (more…) Line Sticker | Is it a bean? Is it a dog? No, it’s is neither! Let these strange and cute stickers become part of your everyday messages! Spread the humor with Mameshiba! (more…) High School Memories Line Sticker | It’s back to the playground with Moon and his best friend Brown. Featuring fights, first loves, and a whole lot more! Enjoy! (more…) me mell Line Sticker | Introducing ‘wish me mell‘, the new character from Sanrio! Mell and friends are adorable and are here to convey all your feelings to your LINE friends! (more…)’s Stickers Line Sticker | Popular Japanese celebrity Becky has produced these cute stickers! Send some cuteness straight to your LINE friends with BEKIKO and BEKIO! *includes 16 stickers (more…) Mad Angry Edition Line Sticker | Moon is angry….very very angry! See him like you never have before! Punching Brown, chucking things at James – Express your anger with Moon! (more…) & Jack Line Sticker | Mary and Jack. They are the most feisty lovers I know. Watch their dramatic love expressed through this awesome pop art sticker! (more…) Bros Line Sticker | KINKIN’s 2nd series: Mandrake Bros are here to give you a magical blast! Put a laughing spell on your friends! (more…)