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http://www.line-stickers.com/Qoo Line Sticker | Fruit beverage brand Qoo just made its sticker debut! Use their cute and silly mascot Qoo to sweeten up your chats! Friend Coca-Cola Japan’s official account to get these stickers for free! Get some Qoo-tness now! Available till October 12, 2015.

Last year’s smash hit “Qoo” stickers return in its second edition! You can express all kinds of emotions in your LINE conversation. Friend Coca-Cola Japan’s official account to get the stickers!

The hugely popular Qoo sticker series is back and cuter than ever. Their first release for 2017 also happens to be their first animated set and is sure to prove a hit in chats with friends, family, and co-workers at any time of day. Friend Coca-Cola’s official account to get this set. Available till June 12, 2017.

Name LINE Sticker: Qoo
Qoo stickers for everyone line://shop/detail/7200
Qoo: Cute Limited Edition Stickers line://shop/detail/8188

Free/Paid : free

Link : line://shop/detail/5049

Publisher : Coca-Cola (Japan)

Copyright : Coca-Cola (Japan) Company.,Ltd.