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A new sticker set for the anime-adapted hit manga series! Includes original sketches by Minami Mizuno! Download any volume of Rainbow Days from LINE Manga to get the set for free!


  • Title : RAINBOW DAYS
  • Price : free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiry Date
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/6341
  • Publisher : SHUEISHA
  • Copyright : Minami Mizuno/SHUEISHA


Introducing the Delightful RAINBOW DAYS Sticker Set

Get ready to add a splash of color to your chats with the brand new RAINBOW DAYS sticker set for LINE and WhatsApp! Based on the beloved manga and anime series, these stickers bring the vibrant characters of Rainbow Days to life in adorable, expressive illustrations. Featuring original sketches by mangaka Minami Mizuno herself, this set captures the fun-loving spirit and dynamic friendships that fans adore.

The sticker set showcases the main cast in a variety of cute and comical poses perfect for everyday conversations. You’ll find Natsuki’s bright enthusiasm, Tomoya’s playful charm, Keiichi’s cool demeanor, and Tsuyoshi’s gentle smile – all ready to express your feelings in style. Whether you’re sharing excitement, confusion, or just want to spread some cheer, there’s a RAINBOW DAYS sticker to match your mood. With their colorful designs and endearing expressions, these stickers are sure to brighten up any chat and let you connect with friends in true Rainbow Days fashion!

Publisher and Copyright Information

SHUEISHA, one of Japan’s largest and most prestigious publishing companies, proudly presents this RAINBOW DAYS sticker set. Founded in 1925, SHUEISHA has been a cornerstone of the manga and anime industry for nearly a century. They’re renowned for publishing some of the most popular series in Weekly Shōnen Jump and other influential magazines. SHUEISHA’s commitment to quality and innovation has helped shape modern manga culture, making them the perfect steward for bringing RAINBOW DAYS to digital platforms.

The copyright for RAINBOW DAYS is jointly held by mangaka Minami Mizuno and SHUEISHA. Mizuno, the talented creator behind the series, brings her unique artistic vision and storytelling prowess to every aspect of RAINBOW DAYS. Her collaboration with SHUEISHA ensures that these stickers maintain the authentic charm and spirit of the original work. This partnership between creator and publisher guarantees fans a product that’s true to the essence of RAINBOW DAYS while meeting the high standards expected of official merchandise.

Why You’ll Love These Stickers

These RAINBOW DAYS stickers aren’t just cute – they’re a fantastic way to express yourself and connect with other fans! With their crisp, high-quality designs, they’ll look great whether you’re using them on LINE or WhatsApp. The static format ensures they load quickly and clearly on any device. Plus, getting this set is a breeze – simply download any volume of Rainbow Days from LINE Manga, and you’ll receive these stickers absolutely free! It’s an unbeatable deal for fans and newcomers alike.

By using these stickers, you’re not just decorating your chats – you’re bringing a piece of RAINBOW DAYS into your daily conversations. They’re perfect for brightening someone’s day, sharing a laugh, or showing your love for this heartwarming series. Don’t miss out on this chance to add some rainbow-colored fun to your messaging app of choice!

A Closer Look at the Sticker Set

Row 1: Expressing Emotions

The first row showcases four characters displaying a range of emotions:
1. A pink-haired girl (likely Nozomi) with a shy, blushing expression and the text “こんにちは” (konnichiwa, meaning “hello”).
2. An orange-haired boy (probably Natsuki) with a surprised, excited look and a sparkling effect around him.
3. A red-haired girl (possibly Anna) with a big, cheerful smile and closed eyes, accompanied by the text “ありがとう” (arigatou, meaning “thank you”).
4. A brown-haired boy (likely Tsuyoshi) with a calm, slightly confused expression and sweat drops, along with the text “えーと” (e-to, an expression of hesitation).

Row 2: More Character Reactions

The second row continues with diverse character reactions:
1. A red-haired character (possibly Tomoya) with a mischievous grin and the text “よーし” (yo-shi, an expression of enthusiasm or agreement).
2. A dark-haired boy (likely Keiichi) with a deadpan expression and blue lines suggesting a gloomy or exasperated mood.
3. A purple-haired girl with long hair (possibly Mari) looking embarrassed or shocked, with the text “イヤァ” (iyaa, an exclamation of dismay or embarrassment).
4. Another appearance of the red-haired character, this time with a determined expression and the text “ヤッタ” (yatta, an exclamation of success or joy).

These stickers brilliantly capture the essence of RAINBOW DAYS, offering a wide array of emotions and expressions that fans can use in their daily conversations. From shy greetings to excited celebrations, there’s a sticker for every mood and situation. The inclusion of Japanese text adds authenticity and allows users to incorporate common Japanese expressions into their chats, making these stickers both fun and educational.

The artistic style stays true to Minami Mizuno’s original character designs, ensuring that each sticker feels like it’s pulled straight from the pages of the manga or scenes from the anime. The vibrant colors and expressive faces make each character instantly recognizable, allowing fans to share their favorite RAINBOW DAYS moments with friends.

This RAINBOW DAYS sticker set is a must-have for any fan of the series. It perfectly encapsulates the charm, humor, and heart that have made RAINBOW DAYS a beloved franchise. Whether you’re expressing joy, confusion, gratitude, or just want to say hello in style, these stickers provide a delightful way to infuse your digital conversations with the spirit of RAINBOW DAYS. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a little rainbow into your chats – download your favorite volume of the manga and start spreading the RAINBOW DAYS love today!

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