Rilakkuma + Animated + Pop-Up & New Friend: Korilakkuma, Chairoikoguma ~Easy Days~

Posted on + Animated + Pop-Up & New Friend: Korilakkuma, Chairoikoguma ~Easy Days~ Line Sticker Rilakkuma’s sticker collection is now available on LINE! Add these lovely, adorable Rilakkuma’s stickers to your messages and make them super cute! Rilakkuma sticker set features Rilakkuma playing guitar, desert-eating, enjoying bath-time and more. So come on! Use your favorite ones on LINE! Relax with Rilakkuma and his pals. Use these to make your chats explode with sugary sweet cuteness.

Rilakkuma in space?! Have fun with this 7th installment as you give your friends a laugh with stickers featuring Rilakkuma giving the thumb’s up sign, making angry and funny faces, and much more! Share his carefree life with you all! Use these cute stickers to liven up your chats! It’s summer! Go sunbathing, swimming, and even hula dancing with Rilakkuma and pals? These stickers are perfect for the season, and great for everyday use! Use Rilakumma to express your Xmas and New Year’s cheer. Only available for a limited time.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Let Rilakkuma bring joy to you and your loved ones this Holiday Season. And get free by buying Calpis Water with the special tags attached to get exclusive Calpis Water Rilakkuma stickers!

Here at last! Kiiroitori steals the spotlight in this new animated sticker set. The lemon design will make you pucker with cuteness, and these stickers will sweeten up your chats! Buy 「CALPIS WATER」 or 「CALPIS SODA」 products with the promotion sticker to get original Rilakkuma stickers! Simply enter the serial code to download the set.

Spend a relaxing summer break with the chillest bear around. These stickers are so easy to use, you’ll bear-ly have to lift a finger.
For a limited time only, check out these new Rilakkuma winter stickers available on LINE! No need to wait till Christmas or New Year’s―this winter, Rilakkuma and friends are here to warm your heart every day!
Let Korilakkuma and his new forest friend, Chairoikoguma, lighten up your chats with these honey sweet stickers.

The bear who just wants to take it easy is now ready to fill your phone’s screen along with Kiiroitori and Korilakkuma! Rest assured that this set is anything but lazy. These stickers can be purchased on LINE 6.3.0 or above.

Rilakkuma is here to help welcome the holiday season in this limited edition winter pop-up sticker set! Let this easy-going bear make it a relaxing winter time for you. And don’t worry, Kiiroitori is also here to welcome in the Year of the Rooster right!

Looking for a relaxing way to welcome in the new year? Let Rilakkuma and friends show you how it’s done. And since it’s the Year of the Rooster, Kiiroitori’s got a few special stickers of his own!

Just because Rilakkuma likes to relax doesn’t mean he relaxes on his politeness! Let Rilakkuma and friends help you find that balance to be polite in the most easygoing way possible.

Another batch of Rilakkuma stickers, fresh out of the oven! Rilakkuma Bakery serves up the perfect set to use with your family. Full of useful messages for both family and friends, you’ll just need to be careful you don’t get too hungry after using these stickers.

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma get covered with sakura petals in this exclusive spring sticker set, perfect for celebrating new beginnings!

It’s cherry blossom time for Rilakkuma and friends in this special springtime sticker set. Send your support and love to friends and family in the relaxed way that only Rilakkuma can! Available till April 18, 2017.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Rilakkuma: Good Friends line://shop/detail/1242
Rilakkuma Xmas & Holiday line://shop/detail/1385
Rilakkuma: Relaxing Days line://shop/detail/1757
Rilakkuma Sweets line://shop/detail/2407
CALPIS WATER-Original Rilakkuma Stickers [FREE] line://shop/detail/2686
Rilakkuma’s Lazy Life line://shop/detail/2938
Rilakkuma Animated Stickers [With Animation!] line://shop/detail/3349
Winter Rilakkuma Stickers [With Animation!] line://shop/detail/3498
Rilakkuma line://shop/detail/616
Rilakkumaʹs Xmas & New Year line://shop/detail/646
Rilakkuma Part2 line://shop/detail/749
Rilakkuma Summer line://shop/detail/968
Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori line://shop/detail/3957
「CALPIS」 Brand × Rilakkuma Stickers line://shop/detail/3938
Rilakkuma’s Big Vacation line://shop/detail/4644
Rilakkuma: Cozy Winter Days line://shop/detail/5559
Rilakkuma~Korilakkuma with a new friend~ line://shop/detail/6044
Rilakkuma Pop-Up Stickers line://shop/detail/6581 (ENG) | line://shop/detail/6582 (JP)
Rilakkuma: Pop-Up Chairoikoguma line://shop/detail/7371 (ENG) | line://shop/detail/7363 (JP)
Rilakkuma~Easy Days~ line://shop/detail/6985 (JP) | line://shop/detail/6982 (ENG)
Rilakkuma Winter Holiday Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/7657
Rilakkuma Winter Holiday Pop-Ups line://shop/detail/7619
Rilakkuma’s New Year’s Gift Stickers line://shop/detail/7511
Rilakkuma New Year Stickers line://shop/detail/7903
Rilakkuma: Easygoing Politeness line://shop/detail/7994 (TW) | line://shop/detail/7961 (JP)
Rilakkuma: Freshly Baked Fun line://shop/detail/8156 (ENG) | line://shop/detail/8124 (JP)
Rilakkuma Sakura Lot Stickers line://shop/detail/8029
Rilakkuma Fighting Stickers line://shop/detail/8306

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