Shea Butter-Chan + Animated

Posted on Butter-Chan + Animated Line Sticker | From southern France, L’Occitane brings you Shea Butter-Chan stickers! Add L’Occitane’s official account as a friend to get them? French sensation Shea Butter-Chan is back with a new set of stickers. It took 5 whole years to whip this butter into shape – that means the new and improved Shea is softer than ever! Friend the LʹOccitane official account to download these stickers today.
Everyone’s raving about whipped shea butter! Shea Butter-chan is back to beat the drum for this touchably-soft line of shea products. Friend the L’Occitane official account to get gifts and all the latest info on their dreamy products. You’ll get these stickers for free too! Available till December 7, 2015.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Shea Butter-Chan line://shop/detail/1248
Shea Butter-Chan: Whipped Shea Version line://shop/detail/3273
Animated Shea Butter-chan: Whipped Shea line://shop/detail/5317

Paid/Free : Free

Status : Temporary

Publisher : L’OCCITANE JAPON K. K.

Copyright : Copyright © L’OCCITANE JAPON K. K