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= Shuzo Matsuoka’s Cheery Sound Stickers
Line Sticker | The refreshing thirst quencher of champions C.C. Lemon has teamed up with the most inspirational man in Japanese sports to bring you a new round of stickers! Your friends will get so pumped listening to Matsuoka’s inspirational quotes. Friend Suntory’s official account to get this set!

C.C. Lemon is out to put some pep in your step with this new set of LINE stickers! Nothing gets you going like the combination of delicious liquid refreshment and Shuzo Matsuoka.
C.C. Sports has teamed up with Shuzo Matsuoka once again to bring you these sportingly great stickers! In dire need of some refreshment? No problem! Use these inspirational sports-inspired stickers to deliver a jolt of excitement to all your chats!

Former tennis pro Shuzo Matsuoka’s singing voice from C.C. Lemon March 2016 features in this voiced sticker set! With 16 stickers to send to your friends, you’ll have everything you need to keep up the cheer! Friend Suntory’s official account to get the set for free! Available till August 8, 2016.

Name LINE Sticker:
Shuzo Matsuoka’s Inspirational Stickers line://shop/detail/4884
Shuzo Matsuoka: Get Pumped! line://shop/detail/4174
Shuzo Matsuoka Sports Stickers! line://shop/detail/6051
Shuzo Matsuoka’s Cheery Sound Stickers line://shop/detail/6745

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Publisher : SUNTORY C.C.Lemon

Copyright : SUNTORY

This sticker also know as:

  • gudetama sanrio (28)
  • animated home aide (12)
  • chibi maruko emoticon (12)
  • kero keroppi (11)
  • lone ranger gif (10)
  • mobilio stiker (10)